Leaving the Upper Room with a View


“And the Lord said unto Moses, Go, get thee down.” — Exodus 32:7

OK, this view has really taken some getting used to.

See all those trees pictured up there? That represents my view from the ground level the past 25 months as a first-time pastor on the Porterville side of California’s Central Valley.

It’s really quite the foreign sight to me. Obstacles. Hills. Bugs. Not the view I’m used to, and after two years, it still takes some getting used to.

For 17 years, I watched the world from my press-boxed perch above, whether in a Little League two-man stand in Selma (Ca, not Ala), inside Fresno State’s aluminum canned furnaces (It’s canteen giveaway day at Beiden Field!) to the soda-stocked suites of the NFL world.

From up there, I never had to solve any problems, teach others how to do their job, or encourage them along. All I was expected do sit there and watch what the football teams did (or undid, mostly), and tell thousands of newspaper readers, Internet clickers, radio listeners and TV viewers what went so terribly wrong.

And yes, things always went terribly wrong in my final 5 1/2 years as a sports writer and TV/radio commentator. The teams I covered for the Fresno Bee and San Francisco Chronicle went a combined 21-63. That would be you, 49ers, Raiders and Fresno State.

Which brings us to this blog. Last time I blogged, I was spreading the bad news about your favorite NFL teams. I left the Chronicle after the 2011 NFL Draft to start spreading the Good News of a risen Savior at the Porterville Church of God.

I won’t write here about pulled hamstrings — unless the Lord heals someone’s hammy during Sunday worship. I’m not going to tell about undrafted free agents who signed — though I will give rave reviews of souls who join God’s team. I’ll share the stories of other Christians fighting the good fight as good as they can. Christians in sports. Christians in media. Christians in wherever.

And, of course, I’ll share from my experiences drawn from leaving the press box — my Upper Room with a view, at the mountain top of my journalism career — and living the gospel on the ground floor.

I mean, isn’t that what Jesus’ disciples did in Acts 2 when they were filled with the Spirit on the day of Pentecost (a day we celebrated this past Sunday)? They left their Upper Room with a glorious view and took the power and passion of Christ to the masses.

Isn’t that what Moses did when he got the commandments on the original day of Pentecost? He left the burning Mount Sinai and spread the news to the masses.

Perhaps all of us Christians would do well to go straight from our Upper Room and Sinai experiences with God, and take the love and compassion of Christ to the masses on the valley floor.

After all, we do have quite the story to tell.

* * *

Follow me on Twitter @bydavidwhite, or email me at bydw@sbcglobal.net. To learn more about where I’m at, click http://www.portervillechurchofgod.org.

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About bydavidwhite

I am a child to God, husband to Maria, father to David, Ethan and Elise, and pastor to the Porterville Church of God. Once upon a time, I covered the NFL for the San Francisco Chronicle and was a national award-winning sports writer for the Fresno Bee.
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5 Responses to Leaving the Upper Room with a View

  1. Scott says:

    My Dear Friend David,

    I was blessed with the gift of Cerebral Palsy when I was born a little over half a century ago. If the Lord ever heals me during this temporal existence I will let you know. :)

  2. John says:

    Hey, it’s that NFL reporter guy! So glad you’re blogging, David! I’m looking forward to reading your stuff and hearing what God is up to in the valley. Love you, bro.

  3. Maria White says:

    Look forward to hearing all about it through your eyes, as I live it with you.

  4. superstarqueena says:

    I look so forward to reading your blog I know God will use your blog to be a blessing for others to read!!!! I had forgotten that I have an account with them cause in 2009 I was in a weight competition and I had to blog about my experience !!!! I just got done reading my blogs and what a blessing it was to blog because during the weight competition my papa died so I was able to look back and read about my papa and my family during this time of our loss !!!!

  5. Tony says:

    Give it a minute..the view gets better, the same but better…

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